Ridgewood is a school sim & supernatural murder mystery game created in Twine. Balance homework, friendships, & your school life with the hunt for a dangerous vampire-- and do your best to resist the newfound thirst of vampirism.

The Alpha demo is now available! Play through your first month at Ridgewood, experiencing the joys of youth, friendship, work-study, and bloodlust.

The demo will be updated with more characters, music, sound effects, and more. Be sure to follow on Twitter @TheStorysinger or here on itch.io to hear the latest news about the update!

The devlog details the various features of the game, and my progress on the demo, so please give it a look!

Development log


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I really like it so far! I like the stat options, reminds me of ReAlistair+.

Hopefully you'll progress so I can play more! Can't wait!