Ridgewood: Dev Log #1- Intro

The Ridgewood School. A small, elite private school in a tiny town with a rich history. You chose this school because of its reputation, and, thanks to your scholarship, your parents were willing to let you attend & board there.

At first, your school life seems normal. You go to classes, get homework, and hang out with your friends when you can, exploring Ridgewood and enjoying the quaint nature of a small town.

But then, a murder takes place-- the 3rd of a string of recent killings in the town. Little do you know that these murders are being caused by a supernatural creature, and soon you will be the only one who can find and stop it.

Ridgewood is a school sim & supernatural murder mystery game created in Twine. Balance homework, friendships, & your school life with the hunt for a dangerous vampire-- and do your best to resist the newfound thirst of vampirism.

Over the course of the game, you go to classes in the morning and afternoon, using your time however you please in the evening. You can hang out with friends, get some homework done, or just relax & become less stressed. You'll need to raise your stats for each of your 4 classes(English, History, Science, & Math) to prepare your self for tests & quizzes, but you'll need to keep your stress low as well.

In the midst of all that, you become a vampire yourself shortly after your school life begins. If you decide to give in to your newfound thirst, you may increase the fear Ridgewood is experiencing due to the previous murders by the other vampire. Resisting may have its own consequences, however, so you must choose wisely.

Additionally, when a murder takes place, you'll need to investigate the crime scene. You'll be able to record your findings, and you can piece together correlations and see when or where the killer will strike next. Alternatively, you can narrow down who the killer is by determining their blood type-- more on that in another devlog.

I will be releasing a demo with 1 in-game month of content; the full game with have 4 months. This demo will be released as part of The Summer Novel Festival here on itch. I'll be using this devlog to update my progress and the demo and, eventually, the full game.



The school sim aspect of the game is 95% complete; I just to add some code related to studying for classes & then it'll be done! 

The story for the 1-month demo has also been completely outlined, and I have begun writing it. I'll be posting little writing excerpts on my Twitter from time to time, so please follow me @TheStorysinger if you are interested in seeing those!

The music and sound effects have not been started yet. Music is still in the planning phase-- I will be deciding which instruments I want to use for each of the main characters, as well as for Ridgewood(as it is the main location). For SFX, I will be making a list of which SFX I'll need for each scene.


That's all for now! See you next time! :)

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