​Ridgewood: DevLog #2- School Life Simulations​​

Ridgewood is a school sim & supernatural murder mystery game created in Twine. Balance homework, friendships, & your school life with the hunt for a dangerous vampire-- and do your best to resist the newfound thirst of vampirism.

Hello again! It's time for Ridgewood Devlog #2! Today, I'll be honing on a specific aspect of the game that I've now implemented & spruced up to satisfaction: The school simulation aspect!

As you can see, you can only chose what to do with your evening. This is because, each weekday, you have classes in the morning and afternoon. Each class-- English, Math, Science, & History-- also has its own stat, and going to class increases that stat slightly. You'll need to have that stat nice and high for when tests & class projects come along!

Anyway, while you have to go to classes in the morning & afternoon each weekday, you can spend your evening however you chose. You can study, do homework, or just relax. Studying for a specific class increases that class's stat by a fixed amount, while the stat increase for homework depends on the homework's difficulty(which is chosen at random). 

Relaxing ties into another stat: stress! Going to classes will always make you just a little bit stressed! It may not seem like much, but it'll add up fast. 

You can get rid of stress by just taking the time to relax. Or...

Hanging out with friends of yours will also relieve a little stress. And, the more you hang out with someone, the higher chance of getting a special event with them! So, if you want to get rid of just a little bit of stress, try hanging out with a friend-- you might learn more about that person in the process! Getting events with people can also help you in finding the vampire & eliminating possible suspects-- more on that another time.

"But how will I have time to manage my stress & everything else when I can chose one thing to do each day?" Glad you asked! You see...

On the weekends, you get to choose what to do in the morning, afternoon, and evening! So, you can study, relax, and hang out with a friend all in the span of 24 hours!

Or you can just relax all day, since that's what we all really want to do. ;)



The school sim aspect of the game is now 100% feature complete! It's completely playable-- as long you love homework with random difficulty/due dates & don't mind having no story to go along with it! And, well, I mind. Obviously.

I'm working on completely implementing another feature into the game: your cell phone. You can see it in the screenshots up there; here's a bigger screenshot of it(and here's one of me implementing it in Twine). The phone is about about 10% implemented right now-- clicking on the words does nothing at the moment. I'll do another devlog & talk more about it when it's completely implemented!

Writing has been going well; I think I'm about 15% done writing the demo script right now. That percentage will definitely increase by the next devlog-- fingers crossed.

That's all for now! Please feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter. See you next time!

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