Ridgewood DevLog #3- Cell Phone Close-Up

Ridgewood is a school sim & supernatural murder mystery game created in Twine. Balance homework, friendships, & your school life with the hunt for a dangerous vampire-- and do your best to resist the newfound thirst of vampirism.

This week, I've been working on implementing a cell phone into the game. It's a feature I've been wanting to implement for a while, and it's finally done!. 

The cell phone is placed in Twine's sidebar-- here's a picture of where it's located on the screen

The cell phone is where you'll access your stats, texts,  contacts list, & school emails, and it's also where you'll save or change game settings. Here's a quick look at some of those features!

Throughout the game, you'll get texts from friends. Some of them are just quick little messages or heads up about things; others may be requests for advice & others may be something completely different! You'll have 1-3 ways to respond to each text, and you'll see your response play out in real time on your phone's screen.

The email screen works very similarly to messaging, though, unlike texts, you won't respond to most emails-- many of them are notifications or reminders from the school, so you'll just need to read them. Or ignore them-- your choice!

Emails will usually be much longer than texts, so the most important parts of the email will be bolded.

At any time, you can take a look at your stats, which include your stress, how you're doing in classes, & perhaps a line or two on your current state of vampirism. Be sure to glance at this screen every once in a while-- your stats are important to how well you'll do on your next test in class!

You can also look at your contacts list at any time, which shows all the people you know, as well as other tidbits of information, such as when you met them.

One of most important parts of this screen is the emoticon next to the person's name. This emoticon represents your relationship with that person. From "we barely know each other"(worst) to "we're the best of friends; don't you know?"(best) these emoticons are: -_-  u_u  ^_-  ^_^  ^u^  ^0^

Another important part of your contacts list is a little note under each contact that discusses...the person's blood type? More on this another time when I fully implement this feature! Hope to see you there!


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This looks really cool! And I love the emoticon conveying friendship level, that's so cute.

Thanks so much, Celia! ^_^