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This is the story of a lost soul, the strange world she finds herself in, and the memories she has forgotten, which can be recovered in this new world. Will she be able to remember her past, or will doing so only bring her deeper in to despair?

A short visual novel, created by me and Hazel-Bun of lemmasoft forums for the public domain jam. There are 7 endings to find.This game is based of the lovely poem "White Fog" by Sara Teasdale. Read it here: http://www.public-domain-poetry.com/sara-teasdale/...

Ren'py was used to make this game.

Update: New version, 0.9! Feel free to take a look at this one while 1.0 is being worked on. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Version 1.0 is finally out! Includes all the music, a new bonus section, some new artwork, and some other minor edits and bugfixes.

Install instructions

How to run this game:

  • download the game, and find its main folder in your downloads
  • right click on this folder, and click "extract all"
  • extract the contents to your desired location
  • go to the newly extracted game and double click on its icon. You should be good to go!


White_Fog-1.00-all.zip 165 MB